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When I was still in high school, I really really love to take pictures everywhere, when I have nothing do or just when I saw something that catches my eyes. Right now, I do love photography but as much as I want to take pictures I really can't find time or I am really having a hard time.  
Just then when I'm viewing some of my album, I saw some pictures that I took in the past. 
The above photo is the JLC building in De La Salle Lipa when I am a senior. That moment the construction was still on going, right now that building was the bomb, it is so beautiful. I took that during our PE class. 

I got really amazed by the trees around so I get a lot of pictures of them.

Now , this is something I really love, watching the sunset literally everyday of my summer, when I'm at Batangas. Sunsets are really the best thing to watch, it reminds me of something that even the day ends, no matter what happen there is still beauty on it.
This sunsets are taken at Sta Rita Aplaya, Batangas City.

Well, flowers are the next thing that I love to take. Even they are in the picture you can feel something in it. I can still imagine their sweetness.

Candles are beautiful too, plus they reflect on the camera. They are so lovely to take.

That coconut tree catches my attention when I am accompanying my sister at UP LB. Then I took a picture, using only a DIGICAM.

Lastly, is playing with your DSLR. I know many of us have done this, and love doing this. Abstract photography is also the love of my life then.

So happy that I shared with you guys pictures I took then. And reminiscing moments also of those photos make me smile. 

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