Busy as a Bee Life as of June 2014

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1. My book in Knetics and a Periodic Table plus the Infinitea

2. A test tube flock

3. Picture at the labaratory

4. Wine Making

5. Lunch with my King

6. Picture at our fav. resto near the school

7. Spending breakky at my apartment

8. Involving myself at a surprise party

9. A family picture

I was really busy this school year because I'm already on my 3rd year, and I was a regular student so my schedule was really loaded and I have only 1 minor the rest are major subjects So last June 13, friday was really the start of the classes I have that day which is Kinetics and Pharmaceutical Chemistry. That was my only free day, the rest of the days my classes was from 8am to 6pm.

During our first meeting in our Microbiology class we were asked to make a test tube flocked. This is for the culturing of bacteria. While I am counting the test tube done, I realized that I made a heart shaped flocked. 

I saw in instagram that Kryz Uy pose is trending, and I was unable to be in Cebu or have her pose taken at the beach. But still I grab this opportunity to have this photo taken even in one of our labaratory rooms. Sneakky sneak sneak. 

I was really confused at first, why we made wine on our Pharmacognosy class. I am not an HRM student or what. But then you need to use yeast on making wine that was part of that subject. We even need to create our own flavor so my group decided to use Apples and Melons, ohhh, I don't know how will it taste. Let us wait until the end of the semester. 

June 17 my papsy visited me in Manila, I was unable to go home because the class just started last June 8. He had his check up at Manila Doctors and gave time to pay for a visit and of course have our lunch treated at The Old Spaghetti House. 

Before I order my food at the counter I ask my friend to take a picture of me, why not? I love my hair that day. 

Having same break with my friends was the best time to catch up. We are divided into two sections, it was just me and Mikka that was on the same section while the rest were together. Tuesdays and Thursday from 12 to 2 is our time to bond because we have the same breakky! Yey!

I was asked by my friend who is at the same apartment with me , just different unit to help them on a birthday suprise of their friend. So why not help? I think I am not busy that time. 

June 28 was the 7th birthday of my nephew, son of my cousin. So I went home to Batangas after I think 3 or 4 weeks. I even surprised them cause I don't tell anyone except for my mom that I was coming. This is a family picture why? Because I treat Ate RA a friend and Kuya Darelle a friend also, both work for my mom, a family. 

I hope you guys catched up with my busy life. 


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