ADHOC2014: Resurgence

By Wanderlust By Enn - 9:11:00 AM

I don't have the time to go back to Batangas for the weekend last week because it is my friend debut party last Sunday so we planned to attend the Adhoc2014 happened the day before Sunday. It was really the biggest and official college party because it was organized by UPJMA. Hand ups to you guys.

I came there with my precious friends, Mikka, Nagui, Jannet her bestfriend Rommil, her clasmate Jury and Nina and the latter cousin. This troupe is really awesome. We share a lots of tripping that night. Ice and beers are showering from out of nowhere but it is really a fun night. Just like what happen when I attended the #Unleashed2.

This are the random photos taken when the fun already started. These are iphone taken photos because we don't bring any bags we literally like to party like there is no tomorrow that moment. 

#sepanx for this troupe really. Hoping that we made it to #unleashed3 this November. 

And we made our TWINNY TRADEMARK again. SANDWICH-BY-THE-KISSERS. My twinny and I always do this (if you have read my previous event post you can see another friend we sandwich). 


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