Malagos Garden Resort Davao

By Wanderlust By Enn - 11:27:00 PM

We arrived at Davao as early as 6am. The flight took about 2 hours or less from Manila. After we ate our breakfast we went straight to Malagos Garden Resort. I'm still sleepy during the trip so when we arrived I'm a little bit grumpy.  

We watched the bird show together with my sister, mom and her co-brgy. Captain on the trip . I also learned so many things about the birds and the forest (Like a kiddoooo) because their new theme is about Climate Change and Disaster Risk Mitigation. I learned a lot and it feels like I'm on a elementary educational tour. Then we eat our lunch also in their restaurant. The food is also good. The place is so peaceful and quiet. This is a must place to visit here in Davao. 

Then we went straight to our hotel, Grand Menseng Davao, because we have time for our own leisure but instead of leaving the hotel, we just took a nap and then went for a swim before we ate our dinner. My mom have her own bonding time with her co-brgy officials while me and my sister bond at our hotel room. 

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