Singapore Travel Diary: Singapore Zoo and River Safari

By Wanderlust By Enn - 11:17:00 PM

During my 2nd day, I don't have anybody to tour with around Singapore. Good thing my uncle orient me on the what about and where about of the city. So even I am solo I still manage to go to Singapore Zoo. I just searched for the bus number I should ride from my place, Choa Chu Kang to the zoo. Then off I go. 

As I arrived, I bought ticket for the River Safari and the main zoo.

So I went to try River Sarafi first, look I am with this Singaporean kiddos who were having their field trip. The little boy beside me says HI.

Then I went to see the Rivers of the world. Take note guys that I am a solo travel. All my photos are taken from different people I came to cross with. 

Few photos of me inside the River Safari. 

Then I saw this female Panda, unlucky me the male panda is out for his weekly check up.

This is what I ate. Chocolate filled panda pao and a lemon ice tea. 

I really meet a lot of people along the way. But I am happy with that. People in Singapore have a good heart. It is very easy to ask them to take a picture of me.

After eating I am off to try the River Quest. I will ride a boat that will be wandering around the wild amazon. There you can see different animals wild or tame. 

I am ready to try it SOLO. 

I made it! At first I am a little bit fearful because I am thinking that the animals maybe super close to me while I ride the boat. 
Right after my boat ride at River Safari I went to check the sights at Singapore Zoo. 

I wonder if I can still manage to smile and take a picture If I get close to a live polar bear. 

It is really tiring so I planned on going back to our flat and take some nap first. I enjoyed this experience and I hope sometime I will be back here together with my mom and family. 


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