Under the Sun

By Wanderlust By Enn - 5:28:00 PM

On the third day we planned to explore the island by FEET! We went from Station 2 to station 3 then back to Station 2 and then to Station 1. By walking through all the stations you will meet a lot of people with different races. I love how boracay is one of the tourist spot they went through. Lots of KOREAN and AMERICAN were there and enjoying their stay. 

I even love my skin color, exploring boracay just for 2 and a half day made me tan already. But it looks good for me. 

Lots of events were happening that week also because LABORACAY were coming. Sad to say we were leaving on the 29th of april :( so near yet so far right? But soon I'll be back and ofcourse experience LABORACAY. 

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