By Wanderlust By Enn - 2:19:00 AM

I think this is my first time to dress a pastel color and it really suites me. I just love how it compliment with my nature and natural theme. I really planned to look simple without any accessories on me. We had this one at Paco Park Manila because that park really had the nature effect. I also had that demure pose. And c'mon guys judge me really nice on it :) hahaha! 

I just pair my look with these so cute shoes. Net like look on side a ribbon on top and pointy heels :) I know I have a good taste on shoes. JK guys. It will always depend on how comfortable are you on what you wear. 

Plus you should also wear simple slash elegant make up. I am the one who did my make up :) Excuse for my face because it was very sunny that time. 

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