Island Hopping

By Wanderlust By Enn - 8:04:00 PM

Who wouldn't be excited on the second day? Well we went on the beach around 8 am already. I don't know what the plan is only to know that we will explore bora by ISLAND HOPPING. YEY! Yes I am super excited because the fact that is it my first time plus we can also try the snorkeling. So much for a first timer like me. 

Exploring Bora was so fun. Plus we do snorkeling and feeding the fishes, like a kid! hahahaha. We stop by I think the middle part of the island to eat lunch and the food was also good, I think it is at M and E restaurant. You should try it! 

After the two to three hours of Island Hopping we walked again by FEET now at the station 2, we planned to have a Henna Tattoo. Mine means ENNAIRA. This is actually my second time having a henna tattoo. 
After that we went back to the hotel and tried the wave pool. Order some refresher course like MANGO SHAKE that was so yummy! 

See you on my next blog post guys for our third day. 

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