By Wanderlust By Enn - 3:36:00 PM

Me and photographer/sis friend feels like we want to have a shoot so when we texted each other and we were both available we planned to meet at the Wildlife. 

For me she is really the best ever. I am the one who did my very simple make up and thanks God it matches and looks good on the theme. BOHEMIAN. Even though I really had a hard time looking for a dress that will complement the theme. (Hahaha! I have no boho outfit). But I can't buy any aztec because of the lack of time, so I wore this. With any gladiator like heels, with aztec bracelet and hair dress. Then yey! I have my AKA Boho outfit.

With the posing, my photographer helps me a lot. Side look with one foot (that is super hard), in the middle of the road (many people were looking at me), we saw a brown gate and I also pose in front of it. It really looks legit though, of course the wildlife bridge that will never be out of the picture, and I even lay on the brown dried leaves! 

I love all her shot of me but for me STOLEN shot were the best because it captures who really are. 

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